Apoint has its focus on three pillars, first is on designing timeless footwear essentials, so focus is on quality and a really good fit. Naturally, to make this happen one must choose who to partner with wisely. Discover the whole story behind your shoes.


To design our collections, we sought out for luxury footwear and clothing factories in Spain. Thus bringing years of expertise together with a fresh take on the traditional retail chain model.

Given that we have three different product lines; Goodyear Welt constructions, espadrilles and shirts, we partnered up with three different ethical factories, each specialized on particular product, where wages, hours and a healthy work environment are not a plus but a MUST.

Our Goodyear Welted pieces are assembled entirely by master craftsmen. who produce for luxury fashion brands in Albacete, Spain. When it came to deciding where to manufacture our espadrilles, we couldn’t help it but choose a specialized factory in Alicante, who we’ve been working with for several years now and for Apoint shirts, we went for a best in class textile factory located in Barcelona.