September 26, 2019


Passionate about fashion since his young age, Tim Dessaint is also a content creator on YouTube and Instagram. Known for the aesthetic of his content and his minimalist outfits, Tim combines perfectly his two passions : fashion and storytelling. With an approach focused on quality and good fit, he emphasizes the importance of sustainability in the shoe industry. Keep on reading to discover what he told us!


"Thanks to the internet, the middle man is now no longer required, so it is a win-win scenario for both brands and consumers."


Can you introduce yourself to our readers? Background, career and insights on your channel.

My name is Tim Dessaint, and I'm a fashion/lifestyle content creator. I launched my YouTube channel in October 2018, and since the very beginning I placed a lot of my focus on the production quality and the aesthetic of my videos. I would describe the overarching theme of my channel as minimal, straightforward and cinematic. I try to apply the same philosophy with my content on Instagram, so I spend a lot of time shooting and editing each photo to give a certain vibe to each image, and tell a story with my content.


When did your passion for shoes start? How did you become an expert?

I wouldn't call myself an expert by any stretch, but I've always had a thing for shoes. I've been interested in fashion since my teenage years, consumed a lot of fashion content, read magazines, and spent a lot of time trying to put together cool outfits. For the longest time, the process of putting together an outfit for me always started with the shoes. I would first choose the shoes I wanted to wear and then envision the whole outfit and what could go well with the shoes. I actually changed up the process a bit more recently but I still think shoes are an integral part of creating a great outfit. It might seem like a minor detail, especially since they're not necessarily what people first see when they greet you, but they can make or break an outfit for sure.


What do you think has been the major improvement within the shoe industry in the past 10 years?

DTC brands have heavily disrupted the fashion industry, both for clothing and for shoes. I think DTC is the present and the future of brands in general to be honest. Thanks to the internet, the middle man is now no longer required, so it is a win-win scenario for both brands and consumers. This model allows new innovative brands to make higher quality products and sell them at a cheaper rate than the more traditional brands since they can reduce the mark-up, and still keep a solid margin since there is no middle man between the brand and the consumer.


How important do you think sustainability is when producing a new model?

Incredibly important. Sustainability is a big topic in the world right now, especially in the industry of fashion since it's so polluting. I think that having a sustainable supply chain is the only way forward. Not only do we NEED to take a more sustainable approach in the production of the products for the sake of the environment, but I believe that this topic has become so big, that consumers are now demanding sustainable products more than ever, and it's only going to go even further in that direction. So for brands to even remain in business in the next decade or two, they will have to rethink their supply chain entirely, otherwise consumers will slowly but surely start buying from other, more sustainable alternatives. And it will be the death of a thousand cuts for the brands that don't follow suit.


How do you feel quality standards are changing and how do you expect to contribute to this open conversation?

I think the internet in general is democratising access to information, so consumers are now more informed of what to look for in a quality garment, or a quality shoe. So it's harder for brands to "fake it" behind clever marketing. If your product is bad, it will get exposed in the long run. If I ever create my own brand, quality will be at the top of the priority list. That is my approach to my content and that will be my approach to any future venture I take on.


What do you think is the most important thing to look into when it comes to buying a pair of Goodyear welted shoes ?

First of all, the fit has to be on point. Regardless of the construction, if the shoe doesn't fit, people won't wear it. If the fit is good, then I would look at the construction of the shoe, the quality of the sole, how much of a beating can it take, and how comfortable the shoe feels when walking.


Any special tips on how to take care of leather or suede shoes?

I waterproof my sneakers and anything suede. If they're leather dress shoes, I simply condition them and wax them when needed.


What is your must have type of shoe?

A good pair of white sneakers.


What is your favourite Apoint Model?

The Chelsea suede boots in Whisky, and the Montecarlo sandals. Though I haven't found a pair that fit my feet well yet, maybe it's because I haver smaller/slimmer feet than average.



NYC Chelsea Suede Boots in Whiskey  



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Thank you for your words, Tim!

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