September 25, 2019


From engineering to deep conversations about footwear. John Doe is a shoe expert on Reddit, a social platform that allows users to discuss and vote on content that other users have submitted. The pureness of this network allows the community to obtain a better knowledge on the wide diversity of topics, Goodyear Welted Shoes in this case. With an approach focused on quality and comfort, John analyses the shoe industry on its whole. Discover what he has to say.


"Group MTO's have been fantastic for enthusiasts that want a one-of-a-kind shoe for an affordable price."


Can you introduce yourself to our readers? Background, career and insights on your channel.

I am an aerospace engineer by trade. I love to fly and do outdoor activities including skydiving, paragliding, scuba diving, and rock climbing. Actually most people that know me would not even know I am into shoes as I don't talk about it much. You would only know if you started staring at my feet.


You are known for being a shoe expert on Reddit, why did you choose the platform? How does it contribute to spreading your knowledge?

I feel the smaller communities on Reddit are very pure. There isn't as much misinformation and blatant advertising. Enthusiasts can really discuss their passion in its quintessential form.


When did your passion for shoes start? How did you become an expert?

When I first started my career, I didn't own any dress shoes. I was totally lost in stores. With the casual movement off the common workplace, more people were wearing sneakers to the office. I didn't want to be like that. Then I stumbled upon Reddit and learned about goodyear welted shoes and it all followed from there. After I visited my first REAL shoe store, I knew i was hooked. Over the years, I've purchased many styles and brands, and slowly developed my own style and figured out what does/doesn't work for me.


What do you think has been the major improvement within the shoe industry in the past 10 years?

Made-To-Order and Group MTO's have been fantastic for enthusiasts that want a one-of-a-kind shoe for an affordable price. Also with the massive boom of e-commerce, shoe manufacturers can sell directly to their customers rather than going through a big box store.


How important do you think sustainability is when producing a new model?

The fast fashion industry is notoriously known for its unsustainable practices. It is coming under harsh scrutiny recently. I think a company embracing sustainable manufacturing as a whole, and not just for 1 model, is very important.


How do you feel quality standards are changing and how do you expect to contribute to this open conversation?

I think public forums (such as Reddit) has dramatically increased the knowledge of their readers. Many people now can identify the details to look out for in quality handmade goods and no longer have to rely on the reputation of a brand. I think education will attract more enthusiasts more than any social media advertising will.


What do you think is the most important thing to look into when it comes to buying a pair of Goodyear welted shoes ?

By choosing a Goodyear welted shoe, you are already buying shoes that are better than 95% of the population. These are designed to last a lifetime, and if they aren't being worn, then what good are they? The most important thing is buying a shoe style that you like that you will regularly wear.


Any special tips on how to take care of leather or suede shoes?

A little bit of water goes a long way in removing scuffs out of smooth leather shoes. People baby suede too much. Just spray some waterproofer and brush as necessary. Always put shoe trees in your shoes. If you don't have enough for all your collection, at least put them in your shoe for a few hours immediately after taking them off.


What is your must have type of shoe?

Shell cordovan plain toe/cap toe boot.


What is your favourite Apoint Model?

Chelsea boot. It is very sleek.


What would you like to see in Apoint?

More leather options.


Keep an eye on John's review on Reddit.

Thank you for your words, John!

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